Where to find and list subleases?

Are you studying abroad? Home for the summer? Seeking an internship in another city?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, you’re most likely planning to find or list a sublease. Now where is the best place to do this?

This blog list the top three places to find and list a place to sublease. We cover the pros and cons of searching or posting a listing on Craigslist, Facebook, and Hive Subleasing. Each company is given a descriptive summary with pinpointed pros and cons listed beneath them.


Craigslist was founded in 1995 and is the oldest company among the three in the blog. It’s probably the service your parents would recommend you post and search for subleases on. Even though Craigslist is the oldest businesses, they’re not the most up-to-date. People are able to create posts on jobs, services, housing, activities, for sale items, and more. 

They specifically have a sublet category under their housing category. You can create and view listings which include images, a description, location, and filterable tags. While these are desirable features to have, they’re not available in an attractive interface. These features are confusing to find and the listings are not appealing to the eye. 

The lack of updates on Craigslist and increased scam scandals over the years has led users away from Craigslist.


  1. Filterable fields
  2. Create listing with all information
  3. Bookmark favorites
  4. Sublet category


  1. Decreasing amount of users
  2. Untrusted reputation
  3. Unattractive interface
  4. No listing insights available
  5. Cluttered with full-term real estate listings


Facebook has transformed since its start in 2004. Its marketplace and ability to create groups has made Facebook a competitor to Craigslist. When it comes to subleasing most people join multiple groups involved with their college. If they’re lucky, there is a specific college subleasing group to join. There is a way to create an actual listing in facebook groups, but you can only put a few photos, description, and price. You can also just create a regular post and include all information in the description and add some photos. 

Neither option has fields users will be able to filter on. Your posts will quickly be lost among all the others once the confusing algorithm kicks in. You will have to keep recreating the post or adding a comment to push it up the timeline. You will have to add the post in multiple groups to make sure enough people are seeing it. As a user looking for a place to sublease, you have to scroll for hours in multiple groups and screenshot top options. Not every post has all the information you’re hoping for so you have to keep messaging the same basic questions or requesting a couple photos.

Whether you are listing or searching, I think we can both agree it’s stressful and time consuming to deal with subleasing on Facebook.


  1. Create posts in college groups
  2. Direct message
  3. Create a listing with price and photo
  4. Create a post with large description and photo.


  1. Can’t filter posts
  2. Inconsistent amount of info
  3. Post lost in algorithm
  4. Limited people can see post
  5. Have to keep reposting listing
  6. Time consuming

Hive Subleasing

As the cliche goes, we saved the best for last. Hive Subleasing was founded in 2020 with the everyday explorer in mind. As you seek new experiences and opportunities, Hive wants to help you get to your next adventure easier and faster. Finding or listing a room to sublease is one of the most time consuming task. Hive has sought out to fix the major inconsistencies and inconveniences that come with subleasing. 

Listings are created with filterable fields on location, price, dates available, amenities, & number of roommates. This sounds like a lot of info, but it takes less than 2 minutes to create a listing. From the listings available people searching can bookmark their favorites and directly message someone their interest. Immediately get an email notification when someone messages you. Check out how many views you’re getting on the listing dashboard. Share you listing on all your social media platforms with the click of a button. You are no longer limited to the listings posted in a specific group as you can explore listings posted across the state and country.  Hive Subleasing ensures that all listings are only available for a short term. This prevents people trying to create full term listings.  

No longer spend hours and late nights stressing about subleasing. Hive Subleasing’s interface and features make subleasing a painless experience!


  1. Filterable fields
  2. Bookmark favorites
  3. Listing insights dashboard
  4. Direct message users
  5. Create a well-defined listing in less than 2 mins
  6. Share your listing on all social media
  7. Wide range of users looking
  8.  Attractive user interface


  1. We can’t think of any…

Create a listing with Hive Subleasing today! 

Exclusive coupons for SC schools. University of South Carolina students receive a FREE basic listing when they sign up with their student email and use code USC2020 at checkout. College of Charleston students receive a FREE basic listing when they sign up with their student email and use code COFC2020 at checkout. 


Now this blog might be a tad biased, but we hoped to have opened your eyes to the benefits and limitations of each platform. Wherever you decide to post or find a place to sublease, there is a reason behind your sublease and Hive Subleasing wishes you the very best on your opportunity ahead. Cheers!


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