What to look for in a sublease?

It is important to know what you want in your sublease, before starting the search. There is an appeal to sublease versus signing a 12 month lease, especially if you are someone who perfers to bounce around instead of committing to a year in one place. 


The beginning of your search should entail checking out price basics, such as rent, utilities, and security deposit. Rent is a no-brainer, but utilities and security deposits can vary drastically for sublets in the same neighborhood. Some utilities can be included, or the sublessor may decide to pay for them with the hopes that he/she gets more bids on their posting. 


Once you find a place with affordable rent, utilties, and deposits, its important to think about the logistics and details. Such as limits on occupancy, terms of the sublease, pet rules within the property, and parking. Occupancy states if the landlord allows visitors and the duration that visitors are allowed to stay. The actual terms are most likely basic, such as the first and last days of the sublease, and the duration of the sublease, which will typically be between two and seven months.

Lastly, the final details entail who you pay the rent to, the day of the month that the rent is due, the cost of late fees and length of any grace periods, and when the security deposit will be paid back.



Once all of these small, medium. and large details are ironed out, you are ready to sign the sublease and enjoy your short term living arrangement! 


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