How to take pictures of my sublease?

The truth is, we have all judged a book by the cover. 

The same goes for rental properties, real estate, and subleases. We go online to start the tedious work of finding a sublease, and totally judge the property by the first few pictures we see. It is important to realize how to showcase your sublease well, so it gets a lot of bites and people are jumping at the chance to take over your lease. That’s the goal here right? 

I’ve outlined what the professionals say about taking pictures of real estate. First off all, don’t worry if you don’t have a tripod or a fancy camera, the regular old iPhone camera will work just fine.

  • It is important to take low shots, which means if the camera sits lower than eye level, that is more likely the type of home magazines angles we are used to seeing, the pros say around 40 inches off of the floor.
  •  Another important aspect of snapping home photos is to shoot straight on. Try to set your camera straight and not tilt it up or down, this makes the photo have a nice graphic feel to it. 
  • Avoid wide-angle shots, it is better to take a narrow picture of the room than it feels too wide. 
  • Lastly, something I wouldn’t have thought of, is to turn off your flash when taking pictures of your space. The flash can make the photo blurry, and natural light goes where further into the making the picture look professional. 
We’re so excited for your next adventure that’s leading you to sublease. It is important to have attractive photos when creating a listing. We hope this article was helpful.


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