How to Sublease During the Covid Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused problems for just about everyone, and the world somewhat stood still during the peak. Unfortunately, lots of people lost their jobs and were sent into a panic of how to pay the bills. Rent has always been a top priority, but even more-so now, since everyone has to quarantine at home. More than half of NYC renters fled to other family members houses, and were stuck with paying rent while not even living in their apartments. Almost immediately people wanted to find someone to sublet their apartments that weren’t in use, and apartment finder platforms found a 30% increase on their services. Below you will find the best ways to accomplish a sublease during this pandemic:

  • Find out if under your state’s laws you can sublet your apartment. For example, under New York state real property law, all tenants are allowed access to sublet their apartments, even if the lease restricts it. It is required to notify your landlord if a sublet is going to happen and keep them in the loop.
  • Research if your building is allowing moves at this time, some buildings are restricting moves to stop the spread of Covid. 
  • Decide if you want to find someone to do a lease-takeover or sublet. Lease takeover means that the new tenant will take over the remainder of your lease and needs the approval of the landlord. This could be beneficial if you know you don’t want to move back to that apartment or plan to not return to that city for a long period of time. If you sublet your space, the person subletting your space just takes the apartment for the time being and does not sign the original lease. 
  • Take a video or photo of your apartment, because it is almost impossible to show your place to someone in person. If you are nearby you can conduct a FaceTime walk through and show the apartment, but its best to have video footage to send to a perspective tenant. 
  • Let perspective subletters know that amenities in the apartment buildings might be closed or have limited hours and amount of people allowed to use them. 
  • Lastly, if you have roommates, make sure they are okay with a potential new person coming into the space since everyone is taking social distancing differently. 

Overall, it is smart to see whats out there and who might want to sublet your apartment during these crazy times! Whether you’re a student whose classes are now online, or you feel safer staying in the suburbs with family than in the city, subletting during the Covid pandemic is possible to accomplish! 


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