How to make my listing stand out?

Make your listing the best on the site.

Making sure your listing stands out will help attract more people to consider subleasing your place. Users who don’t post listings that follow best practices risk deterring people from wanting to sublease their room. Below we have listed our best practice recommendations to ensure you get someone to sublease your place fast!


Have attractive and informative photos of your place.

First impressions matter, and on Hive Subleasing the cover photo is the very first thing people will see about your listing. If it is not an attractive photo, people are likely to keep scrolling past it. We’ve written another blog post called “How to take pictures of my sublease” that has great tips on capturing great photos for your listing. At the very least, make sure the cover photo is good quality and has a brighter tone. You want the first impression to leave seekers wanting to know more. 

Now as people click into your listing they will be able to see your other photos. You still want to make sure these photos are also taken with attention to detail. Ensure you consistently have good quality in all photos. Make sure to capture all common areas and amenities that the person will experience with your home. Taking pictures of the kitchen, closet, porch, unique features, or any furnisher you are leaving behind is informative for the person looking to find a quality room. The cliche saying is true, photos are worth 1,000 words. People will not only be looking at the pictures to gage the space, but they will be interpreting thoughts about the person behind the camera. Someone will want to sublease a room from a trusting and reliable person. Not only do you want to have good quality, but you want to make sure the spaces look clean. By taking the care to provide clean, quality, and informative photos a person will appreciate and consider you as a responsible person.


Have a compelling description.

Providing a thorough description gives you the opportunity to tell seekers all about your place and roommates. Think about answering some of the following questions in your description: 

  • How long does it take to walk to campus?
  • What restaurants or stores are near your place?
  • What are some of your roommates’ interests?
  • Is there a pet in the house? Give details about the pet.
  • Is your place in an apartment complex? What benefits are included?
  • Are any utility costs included in the monthly rent?
  • What furnisher are you leaving, if any?
  • What’s the reason for subletting your room?

Including these details prevents you from having to answer repeated questions about the place and helps inform seekers to make the best decision. 


Consider what field information you have.

The field information on a listing, are the fields you were required to fill in upon purchasing your listing. Sometimes in the rush to create a listing, you forget to include or incorrectly place a detail. Lucky for you, a listing is editable at all times after publishing. 

Amenities. Make sure you tagged all amenities your place includes (ie. parking spot available, pets allowed, washer/dryer included). A seekers choice is sometimes dependent on having a specific amenity. Correctly tagging the amenities you have will provide a bonus look at your place. 

Dates Available. What are your listed dates available? The average sublease is available for 4-5 months during Spring & Fall, and 3-4 months during the Summer. Having a shorter or longer sublease could keep someone from wanting to sublease your room. If your sublease is shorter than average and you haven’t received many inquiries, consider increasing the term of availability to provide a better accommodation opportunity. If your sublease is longer than average and you haven’t received many inquiries, consider breaking up your sublease availability to two shorter terms. 

Monthly Rent. How much is your rent? Compare your cost of rent to other postings in your area. If your rent is higher than others, you might want to consider lowering your rent cost for the seeker. This will cost you money each month to pay for the gap your seeker isn’t, but high rent costs puts you at risk for not finding anyone at all. Would you rather have to pay $100 a month at the costs of subletting to someone, or pay $1000 a month with no one in your room?


We hope this was helpful. 

We’re so excited for your next adventure leading you to sublet your room. Finding someone to sublet your room can be stressful. Hive Subleasing wants to do our best to make the process as easy as possible for you, so there are no worries as you prepare for your adventure. By following our recommendations you can increase your chances of finding someone to sublet your room and decrease your stress and time hunting people down. We hope this blog was helpful, contact us if there is anything you think Hive Subleasing can do to help you more.


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