How to List Your Room to Sublease

Sign Up

To sign up you can click the Register button in the top right corner or click the “Add a Listing” page. 

Create an account:
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Choose a Package

Once signed in, you will be able to choose which listing package you want. 

  • One listing submission.
  • 60 days expiration.
    • Will put your list at the top of search results.
    • One listing submission.
    • 60 days expiration

Create Your Listing

Our listing form makes it quick and easy to create a desirable listing.

Input fields:

  • Title, Description
  • Images
  • Contact Info
  • Rent Price, Utility Costs
  • Dates Available
  • Amenities: Pets Allowed, Furnished, etc…
  • Number of Roommates
  • Gender Preference of Roommates
  • Location 

Publish Listing

View your beautiful listing! 

People who are searching for a room to sublease will be able to:
  • Direct Message you on the site. You will receive an email notification as you receive messages!
  • Bookmark your listing.
  • Share your listing.
  • Send and email to you inquiring about your listing.

See Your Listing Stats

Track your listings progress! Unlike anywhere else you’re able to see how your listing is doing. 

Tracked Data:
  • Views: Last 24 hours to 12 months
  • Unique Views: Last 24 hours to 12 months

With the ability to track your listing stats you’re able to asses your listing overtime! Slow views? Maybe you should update the pictures or lower price. Compare your listing to others on the site.