How to Find a Room to Sublease

Homepage Search

Search your desired listing from the start.

Homepage Features:
  • Enable location to find listings closest to you.
  • Input a desired location you’re seeking, i.e. “College of Charleston.”
  • Input your budget for rent

The page will bring you to a filtered explore page!

Explore Listings

Filter down even further on the explore page!

Filter by:
  • Proximity to your location.
  • Rent Budget
  • Desired Start Period of Sublease
  • Desired End Period of Sublease
  • Amenities: Parking Spot, Pets, Private Bathroom, etc…
  • Number of Roommates
  • Gender Preference of Roommates

Detalied Listing View

Found a listing you like? Click on it to see all the details and pictures!

Overview of Features:
  • See description of the place.
  • See all details.
  • See pictures.
  • Send a direct message to the lister!
  • Bookmark the listing for later.
  • Share it with your parents/friends.
  • Report a suspicious listing.
  • Send an email to the lister. 

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