Do’s and Don’ts of Subleasing

Have you ever been stuck in a lease, and needed a way out? Either you’ve taken a new job, transferred colleges, moved home for the summer, studied abroad, or just flat out needed a change of scenery? Well the way to solve this dilemma is finding someone to sublease your place! 

Some words to know:

  • Sublease and sublet mean the same thing: a lease of property to someone else 
  • Sublessee: the person that holds the sublease
  • Sublessor: the original tenant

The actual definition of subleasing is, allowing someone to live in your place and charging them rent, although you are not the owner and pay rent for it yourself. Now that we have cleared up some of the confusing terms involved with this process, there are an outline of do’s and don’ts listed below:

Do: Update your landlord

Most leases allow subleasing, but it is important to keep the landlord in the loop, and let them know what is going on within your unit. Keeping them updated helps maintain a good landlord-tenant relationship.

Do: Have a Relationship with Sublease

To help lessen the confusion and headaches that can arise with a sublease, create a very professional relationship. Try to not act like friends or bend the rules for them, make the transactions and conversations very straightforward and professional.

Don’t: Raise Price

It is common practice to try to charge the new person taking over your lease a little extra, which is not the smartest idea. The truth is there are so many people trying to find subleases all the time that they will shop around, and won’t overpay for your listing. 

Don’t: Return Unannounced

Since the sublessor might feel as if the space is still theirs, they could be inclined to drop by, either to see roommates or to pick something up, but try not to do that. A good sublessor lets the tenant be without interruptions in their new space. 

Overall, the process of subleasing can be as straightforward as you make it! Try to understand the process and the steps before diving into the world of subleasing. 


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