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Our Mission

Hive Subleasing believes in living life to the fullest, taking advantage of every opportunity, exploring the world, and learning from experiences. We are taking the opportunity to help others live their life to the fullest by providing services designed to be attractive, friendly, and simple to use. As you seek new experiences, let our website take away the stress and confusion of trying to find or list a place to sublease.


User Testimonials

Hive is the future of subleasing! There's filtering, direct messaging, and the ability to feature my listing. The stress and worry of finding someone to takeover my room is eliminated, thanks to Hive!
Matthew F.
Before Hive, I had no idea where to find subleases. I joined multiple renting groups on social media, but I couldn't search through listings based on my needs or they didn't provide all the information I wanted. Hive has streamlined a confusing process, and helped me find the perfect sublease for the summer!
Hannah G.
Smooth, aesthetically pleasing interface. And the detailed "How It Works" page made finding somewhere to sublease near my internship easier than anywhere else!
Nikolas P.